SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
People? What people?

–Zara about Downworlders, Lord of Shadows

Zara Dearborn is a Centurion and the fiancé of Diego Rosales. She is the daughter of Horace Dearborn, who suggested to the Clave that all Downworlders be registered. To gain the favor of the Council, Zara took credit for her companions' deeds, hoping to one day take control of the Los Angeles Institute and push the Cohort's agenda.[1]


At some point in Zara's life her mother died and her father raised her to follow in his footsteps, and to disdain Downworlders while supporting the Cold Peace. Zara was engaged to Diego Rosales after the Cold Peace was established so she could become a Rosales and use the Rosales family heirloom and its unknown power.

When Marisol Garza saved a group of mundanes from a demon in 2011, Zara took credit for the act and was backed up by her friends.

In 2012 Zara unexpectedly arrived with a team of Centurions sent to the Los Angeles Institute. She made a point of flouting her engagement with Diego after she saw what was going on between him and Cristina Rosales. During her stay at the Institute Zara instated herself as the de facto leader of the Centurions and withheld information from the Blackthorns about the details of their searches and techniques. She used her time at the Institute to sneak into Diana Wrayburn's office and gather information about Arthur Blackthorn, as her father wanted the Institute for himself.

After Malcolm Fade was killed by Annabel Blackthorn, Zara lied and said that she had killed him, earning her respect and admiration from other Shadowhunters. When Annabel herself was called to a Council meeting to testify that she had in fact killed Malcolm, Zara shrieked that she was lying and proceeded to throw barbed comments about her being unfit to testify, contributing to Annabel going temporarily mad.[1]

Physical Description

Zara is pale and round-cheeked with hazel eyes and thick brown hair that is usually pulled back in a bun.


Zara is an arrogant and boastful girl, who takes credit for others' achievements. She is able to appear charming but this is only a facade that hides a twisted personality. She thinks very highly of herself and her family, and disdains Downworlders, not even thinking of them as people. This disdain extends to Shadowhunters who affiliate with them and share Downworlder blood.



  • Cassandra Clare chose the name because she liked it as a variant for the name 'Sarah'.[2]