Wren was a young witch who sold charms at the Los Angeles Shadow Market.


Wren was a self-taught witch who paid a warlock to teach her basic spells. Since mundanes are forbidden to practice magic, she was forced to keep a low profile, especially among Shadowhunters. Wren sold charms, especially ones to attract romantic attention, at the Shadow Market; she used a printed sarong instead of a booth to denote her space.

One day in August 2012, Kit Rook sat with Wren at her makeshift booth. She told him that she had been making a lot of money selling protection charms since the series of strange murders of mundanes and faeries began to occur.

Wren decided to try her luck and joined the Lottery held by the Followers of the Guardian. She was at the Lottery draw at the Midnight Theater on August 11, and Emma Carstairs even remembered seeing her there. However, Wren was unaware of how it truly worked, so when Casper Sterling asked to meet her even after his number was picked, she agreed—not realizing that the chosen can be saved from the hunt if he murdered someone else. Emma, Cristina, and Diego saw their struggle as she tried to get away. They were unable to help as Sterling stabbed her in the chest and killed her just as they arrived. She became the thirteenth and penultimate sacrifice required in order for Malcolm Fade to resurrect his lover, Annabel Blackthorn, from the dead.

Physical description

Wren had short, bright green hair with a slight, elfin face.

Skills and abilities

  • Magic: Wren was able to perform basic spells. Her specialty was creating charms.


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