Wrayburn family
Status: Extant
Residence: Various
Species: Shadowhunters
Notable members:

Diana Wrayburn


The Clave

The Wrayburn family is an old Shadowhunter family.


The Wrayburns are a respectable and Law-abiding family that have reportedly been famous for many generations, though the reason is unknown.

The family has lived in Idris for many generations, and owns a weapons store called Diana's Arrow on Flintlock Street in Alicante.[1]

In 2003 the youngest Wrayburns David and Aria traveled to Bangkok to study, and were attacked by revenants, which resulted in Aria's death. Their parents, Aaron and Lissa were killed three years later by demons. David, now living as Diana, then returned to Idris after spending three years in the mundane world and fought in the Mortal War. She then took over Diana's Arrow and later became the tutor of the Blackthorn children.

As of 2012 Diana is the last living Wrayburn.[2]

Known members

Family Tree

Aaron W.
Lissa W.
Aria W.
Diana W.


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