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Woolsey Scott
Photo Woolsey 01
Biographical Information
Full name: Woolsey Scott
Status: Deceased
Species: Werewolf
Occupation: Head of Praetor Lupus
Residence: 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London
Affiliation: Praetor Lupus
Family: Ralf Scott † (brother)
Praetor Scott (descendant)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green

Woolsey Scott is the founder of the Praetor Lupus.

Biography Edit

History Edit

Woolsey was born after his brother Ralf. Their parents were killed by Shadowhunters for a misunderstanding, after which Woolsey has since been taken care of by his older brother.

During the attempt to sign the First Accords, his brother Ralf attended the meeting among other Downworlders and Shadowhunters, while Woolsey chose to stay away from the meeting. Outside the London Institute, just before the meeting began, Woolsey spotted Magnus Bane gave him a wink before leaving.

Some time after, Ralf was killed by vampires led by Alexei de Quincey for his relationship with Camille Belcourt. In the 1800s, Woolsey was voted in as the new head of the London werewolf pack, placing the task of avenging the death of Ralf in the name of the pack on him. He soon founded the Praetor Lupus in order to help "orphaned" Downworlders. Woolsey started the organization in memory of his brother and claimed to only have continued it to honor his wishes.

Problems with Mortmain Edit

After Will Herondale saw werewolves purchasing yin fen in bulk and overheard that it pleased the Magister because it kept them working all night at an ifrit-run drug den, Charlotte Branwell became concerned that the werewolves might be in league with Axel Mortmain just as the vampires had, or that the Downworlders had felt betrayed by how the Institute dealt with de Quincey.

The afternoon after Charlotte found out about it from Will, Woolsey was invited to the Institute. Woolsey and Charlotte walked in on Will and Tessa Gray speaking in the drawing room, and Woolsey mistook them for a couple. Woolsey insisted that their political business be discussed after tea and cigar. When Charlotte and will finally expressed their concern, Woolsey told them that he and his brethren would not have felt betrayed and were in fact grateful because he despised de Quincey, and the vampires and werewolves barely got along, from which Tessa deduced that the werewolf de Quincey killed had a connection to him. Woolsey confirmed this and told her it was her brother.

When Charlotte told him that de Quincey died screaming, Woolsey, happy about the news, went on to say that he knew of Mortmain's dealings with werewolves, but they were not a part of any pack. He also told them that he had been approached by Mortmain to join the Pandemonium Club, though he refused because de Quincey was already a member. He pointed out that Mortmain was obsessed in avenging his parents' death through the destruction of the Nephilim, and that Mortmain's werewolves may be causing a shortage of the drug, which their friend Jem Carstairs needed, alarming Will with the sudden realization. Charlotte then asked Woolsey to send out feelers to investigate what it was the werewolves were doing for him. When Woolsey tried to divert the attention to Charlotte's personal life, she also changed the topic.

Some time after, Magnus Bane went and stayed with him after his break up with Camille Belcourt. When Will came to his house on Magnus' call, Woolsey teased him, much to Magnus' disapproval. Woolsey then left them, allowing them to use his brother's old room to summon Marbas.

Magnus and Woolsey had begun a relationship with each other which is only out of physical need. Magnus watches from inside Woolsey's house as Will leaves and they discuss about Will. Woolsey asks Magnus about how much did he charge Will for summoning the demon, Marbas for him, but Magnus tells him that Will did him a favor that he doesn't even remember referring to their kiss. Woolsey tells Magnus that he cannot save every fallen bird even the handsome ones.

Clockwork PrincessEdit

Will Herondale and Tessa Gray to go Woolsey Scott's house at 16 Cheyne Walk to talk to Magnus Bane. Woolsey allows them to come inside. Will and Tessa explain to Magnus and Woolsey about needing Magnus's help to find more yin fen for Jem because Mortmain's minions have confiscated all the yin fen in London. Magnus is hesitant to help Will and Tessa to look for more yin fen. Woolsey makes a comment about Jem dying and then Will can have Tessa as he is in love with her which enrages Will. Will and Woolsey get into a fight with one another with Magnus stopping the fight by shoving Woolsey away and dragging Will with him to the library, leaving Tessa, who is holding a poker in her hand alone with Woolsey.

Magnus talks to Will in the library and agrees to help him find the yin fen for Jem. Magnus gives Will, Camille's ruby necklace which can detect when demons are near. Woolsey mentions to Tessa that she is just like Shadowhunters that she adores so much, and points out that he knows Tessa loves both Jem and Will. Woolsey tells Tessa that it makes no diifference if one of them dies that she has a fine secondary option and tells Tessa that people are lucky to have even one great love in their life but in Tessa's case she has found two. Woolsey tells Tessa that women are something he has never understood mainly the point of them. Woolsey tells Tessa that Magnus seems convinced she is warlock although she bears no mark, but he thinks she is one of the fey. Tessa and Will leave Woolsey's house as Will tells Tessa that Magnus has agreed to help them. Woolsey gives Magnus his snuffbox since it is silver which he cannot touch. Woolsey and Magnus talk about Will and his happiness. Woolsey decides to travel and see the countryside as Magnus seeks out yin fen.

Will makes a pit stop at Green Man Inn from his crusade to rescue Tessa from Mortmain. Woolsey is at the inn with a group of young werewolf members of his pack. Woolsey sees Will enter the inn and is curious as to why he is here. Later, Will's parabatai bond with Jem is broken and Will believes that Jem is truly dead. Woolsey's young pack members confront Will outside by the stable which leads to a distressed, Will to fight off Woolsey's young pack members and he knocks two of them unconscious and kills one of them. Woolsey demands to Will to stop for killing another of his pack. Woolsey told Conrad to run and he vanished behind the stables. Woolsey asks Will about his parabatai being dead which Will was not ready to hear. Will asks for Woolsey's advice about what to do and Woolsey tells him to do what Jem would have wanted and stalks back toward the inn. At the end of the novel, Magnus tells Will that he and Woolsey wear out each other's company after not much duration implying the end of their relationship.

City of Fallen AngelsEdit

Woolsey Scott is mentioned by Magnus when he sees Jordan Kyle wearing the Praetor Lupus necklace with a imprint of a wolf's paw identifying him as a member. Magnus tells Jordan that he knew Woolsey back in 1800's as that was when the organization first started. Alec Lightwood, Magnus's boyfriend asks Magnus if he slepted with him which Magnus chooses not to answer.

City of Lost SoulsEdit

Woolsey Scott is mentioned by Magnus Bane when Alec sees the snuffbox on Magnus's table and hands it to his boyfriend. Alec sees the initials W.S. on the snuffbox and thinks its Will, but Magnus tells him its Woolsey Scott. Praetor Scott, a descendant of Woolsey, is the current head of the Praetor Lupus.

Personality Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Woolsey carries his own pair of gold tongs and a teaspoon, in case he is served with silverware.

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