Windspear is the faerie steed of the exiled faerie prince Kieran in the Wild Hunt.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Windspear was given to Kieran as a gift by the prince's older brother Adaon when he was very young.[1]

During their time with the Hunt, Kieran and his lover Mark Blackthorn would mount Windspear together.

In 2012, Kieran lent Windspear to Mark for a night and took him back after. Some time after, Kieran once again rode Windspear to the Los Angeles Institute and, with Mark, rode to Malcolm's convergence to rescue Mark's brother Octavian. Windspear and Kieran briefly stood guard out the convergence cave before Mark and Julian Blackthorn came back for them. Julian mounted Windspear and rode him into the cave. The steed later kicked Malcolm Fade to save Kieran. After the battle, Windspear carried Kieran back to the Institute, and then back to the Hunt,[2] though they were captured en route.[3]

Physical description

Being a faerie steed, Windspear can change his appearance, but unglamoured, he often appears as a white stallion with red eyes.


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