William Herondale
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased




Known relatives:

Tobias Herondale (brother)
Unnamed wife †
Edmund Herondale (son)
Eva Blackthorn (sister-in-law)
Linette Owens (daughter-in-law)
Ella Herondale † (granddaughter)
Will Herondale (grandson)
Cecily Herondale (granddaughter)
Herondale family

Physical Description
Gender: Male

William Herondale was a Shadowhunter and the older brother of Tobias Herondale.


According to Catarina Loss, William was a Shadowhunter fit to be a Herondale—brave and twice as self-willed as his grandson who later bore his name. His father was a hard man who taught his sons the Law and made sure they followed them without questions, while his mother was a bit of a hysteric.

In 1828, Will's brother Tobias's name was tainted when it was spread and became widely-known that he allegedly abandoned his comrades in battle.

In 1835, William and his wife had a son, Edmund. Soon after, the couple died in battle, leaving Edmund to be raised in the London Institute.


William is a given name of old Germanic origin. A common Irish form of this name is Liam.



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