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White's club is a bar located on St. James's Street in London, established by an Italian in the 1850s. It has been active for more than a century and was a frequent venue for gambling for the aristocrats of the time.


The building has a pale stone facade with black cast-iron lamps set before the door, its Greek columns and the arched frames to the higher windows has a cast-iron balcony that bore an intricate swirling pattern. From the inside, it was lighted by wax candles with ceiling, which was constructed to look as if it was inside a vast stone barrel decorated by a chandelier. The right side of the room was usually were men in clusters played cards around green baize covered tables. The firm was a place where men gambled and lost their fortune. Since gambling was a major part of the club, a betting book kept as for records.


During one of his visits to London, Magnus Bane joined White's on a bet by his friend, Catarina Loss. Years later around the time of the first Accord, he met Edmund Herondale by the London Institute. Magnus along with his new cheerful companion visits White's where both of them have drinks and a delightful conservation. They were then confronted by Alvanley who offers them more drinks. Edmund almost immediately got absorbed in a card game, and was later joined Magnus, but instead of concentrating on the game, Magnus found himself observing the Shadowhunter with a little concern as the spirit Edmund exhibited was the one that brought disaster at play. However, it was Magnus who grew bored in the end, and had to coax Edmund out of White's for a walk.



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