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What Really Happened in Peru
TBC01 cover
Author/s Cassandra Clare
Sarah Rees Brennan
Narrator Jesse Williams
Release Date April 16, 2013 (e-book)
November 11, 2014 (print)
Cover Magnus Bane
Series The Bane Chronicles
Release order
Released after
Clockwork Princess
Released before
The Runaway Queen

What Really Happened in Peru is the first released short story in The Bane Chronicles.

Description Edit

Fans of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices know that Magnus Bane is banned from Peru—and now they can find out why.

There are good reasons Peru is off-limits to Magnus Bane. Follow Magnus's Peruvian escapades as he drags his fellow warlocks Ragnor Fell and Catarina Loss into trouble, learns several instruments (which he plays shockingly), dances (which he does shockingly), and disgraces his host nation by doing something unspeakable to the Nazca Lines.

Plot Edit

1791 Edit

Magnus Bane woke up in his roadside inn just outside of Lima, the capital of Peru. He then went to see his warlock friend, Ragnor Fell, in the common room. They ordered 5 drinks for Ragnor and 17 for Magnus. Magnus then took Ragnor on a tour of Lima, from the facade of the archbishop's palace to the brightly colored buildings across the plaza. They then visited Lake Yarinaco and saw all the sights of Peru, including Magnus's favorite city of Arequipa. They were then guided by a young woman, Guiliana, who knew her way in the Manu rain forest and lead them to ayahuasca. Magnus was being chased by a dominant male spider monkey in the rain forest and narrowly escaped. Magnus later brought Ragnor with him when he was hired by a rich Peruvian merchant, who needed help with sending out and guarding one of his largest cargo ship filled with guano. While on the ship, he and Ragnor ended up waist deep in bird droppings because of Magnus's recklessness. Magnus later sunk the cargo boat, but this was not, however, the reason he was banned from Peru.

1885 Edit

The next time Magnus was back in Peru, he was on a job with his friends Catarina Loss and Ragnor Fell, despite the fact that Ragnor had promised never to return to Peru in Magnus's company. They were walking into the valley of the Lurin River with their client, Nayaraq. When reaching the Pachcamac pyramids, Magnus, to impress their client, claims that he knew the oracle who lived there 700 years ago. What Nayaraq wanted was the treasure that her great-great-grandmother had hidden when the conquerors had come. But it turns out that Nayaraq had not been searching for gold but for truth, for something real in her past (she is a changeling). They later heard that they were criminals wanted for desecrating a temple, but nevertheless, that was not, the reason nor the time, that Magnus was banned from Peru.

1890 Edit

Five years later, Magnus decided to learn to play a new musical instrument, a charango, which he failed at. He was forbidden to play the charango in the house, and even cats run away from him. Some civilians mistook his playing for the sounds of a dying sea monster. He witnessed a llama stampede when he went up to the mountains and played there. During the time in Puno, Magnus met Imasu Morales, a talented musician. After many more failures with the charango, Magnus decided to give up music. The next day, all of the Puno rose and gather together in a festival, there Magnus and Imasu shared their stories of their childhoods. They later parted. Magnus then switched to traditional dancing, which he is pretty good at (when using magic). Magnus woke up later in Nazca, wondering what happened, and Catarina retold the story of how he, under the influence of alcohol, broke into a man's house, stole a carpet and enchanted it to fly. He then sped off into the night air and they pursued him on foot through a mammoth desert. He told them to leave him in the desert, because he planned to start a new life as a cactus, then he conjured up tiny needles and threw them at Catarina and Ragnor with pinpoint accuracy. He tried to fly to Moquegua, but he never got there, and instead, ended up vomiting over the Nazca lines. Ragnor, Catarina, and Magnus retold the stories of their childhoods.

1962 Edit

Magnus Bane is back in Peru again, this time, the city of Cuzco. This time he met an interesting mundane woman named Kitty. He met her with a man named Geoffrey, a rude photographer for National Geographic. Magnus and Kitty ran away together, after Magnus offered her an adventure and Kitty stole Geoffrey's mother's jewelry. They fell in love. And Magnus's sudden turn to a life of crime, shockingly enough, was not the reason he was banned from Peru either. The High Council of Peruvian warlocks met in secret, and a letter was sent to Magnus several months later announcing that he had been banned form Peru, on pain of death, for "crimes unspeakable". Despite all of his inquiries, he never received an answer to the question of what he had been banned for. To this day, whatever it is that actually got him banned from Peru is - and must always remain - a mystery.

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Trivia Edit

  • The first time Magnus' banning from Peru was mentioned was in City of Fallen Angels. While according to the narration, the true reason why Magnus was banned from Peru is unknown even to him, according to Jace Herondale in City of Lost Souls, he apparently found out, though it is possible that he was merely told the tales told in this novella.

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