Wayfarer is a horse in Idris that belongs to the Verlac family.


In September 2007, Wayfarer was ridden by Sebastian Morgenstern, while he posed as Sebastian Verlac, in Alicante with Clary Fray in their search for Ragnor Fell. When Jace Herondale decided to tail 'Sebastian', he rode Wayfarer, after Sebastian left him in the stables.[1]

December that same year, Jace and Clary once again rode Wayfarer, together this time. They rode to Lake Lyn to scatter Jonathan's ashes, and Jace later showed her around Idris on horseback.[2]


Wayfarer is a huge gray and white horse with a star face marking on its forehead. It has big teeth and a broad back. The saddle it had when Sebastian and Clary rode him was pale, made of leather, and emblazoned with the crest of arms of the Verlacs, as well as the family name written in script below the crest.