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VF Rune, Voyance

The Voyance rune is the most basic and permanent rune given to Shadowhunters at a young age, typically placed on the back of the person's dominant hand. This serves to enhance and focus the Sight, giving the wearer extrasensory perception, allowing the Shadowhunter to see contemporary events beyond their sight, past concealment, such as glamour, and, with training and practice, to identify Downworlders on sight.[1] It also, according to Jace, lends an extra skill with weapons.[2]

Hidden caches of Nephilim weapons found in mundane churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and other places of worship often respond and open in the presence of the Voyance mark.[1]

While the Voyance rune is normally the first rune given to young or new Shadowhunters, it may be changed in special cases, like how it was decided that the sickly Adele Starkweather should receive the Strength rune first.

Upon turning into an Endarkened Shadowhunter by drinking from the Infernal Cup, the Voyance rune, along with all other runes, disappear.[3][4]


  • It is also known as Clairvoyant Sight, though has never been referred to as such in the series books.


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