Vivianne Penhallow is a Shadowhunter and a member of the Penhallow family. She is a young teacher and dean of the Shadowhunter Academy.



Vivianne is a young woman whose connections with the Consul, Jia Penhallow, put her in good graces. Simon had assumed that it was this relationship that enabled her to come into position as the dean of the Academy, despite her young age and evident lack of experience.


Months after the Dark War, the Academy was set to open and begin training the next generation of Shadowhunters. However, several hiccups made the opening quite a failure, including the lack of food supplies and deplorable state of the Academy itself.


Vivianne is a very cheerful person. She also respects the position the Shadowhunters and mundanes, and Downworlders, are in, as pointed out when she didn't call the mundane stream the 'dregs' and when she treated both Catarina Loss and Simon Lewis normally.

Physical description

Vivianne is tall and has long strawberry blond hair.


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