Victor Whitelaw is the Inquisitor of the Clave as of 1878.


Victor Whitelaw, as the Inquisitor, was tasked with interrogating Tessa Gray about her time with Axel Mortmain after he had attacked the London Institute. He questioned her repeatedly, and paid close attention for possible changes to her story.

After he questioned Will Herondale, he dismissed him with sanctions for rudeness and insubordination. He had even gone so far as to demand that Tessa be stripped of her clothes to be searched for a warlock's mark, but was ultimately stopped by Charlotte Branwell. He continued to keep up appearances at all the proceeding hearings regarding the issue.[1]

Shortly before Josiah Wayland's ten-year tenure as Consul was set to end, Whitelaw and other members of the Council exchanged letters with him to discuss who would be appointed the next Consul. They insisted on Charlotte's nomination, despite Wayland's subtle objections.

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When Consul Wayland called a Clave meeting to announce that no Shadowhunters were permitted to help Charlotte in her mission to rescue Tessa and Will, it became evident to the present members that Victor did not agree with the decision. When Tatiana Blackthorn attempted to aggravate the unrest among the crowd by blaming Charlotte and Will for her husband's death. In the middle on another argument with the Consul, the automatons infiltrated the meeting and beheaded the Consul. Though many perished during the encounter, Whitelaw survived.

After Mortmain was killed and his army destroyed, Victor approached Charlotte at the Institute to deliver a letter from the Council, offering her the position of Consul. Victor was impatient for an immediate answer from Charlotte, but agreed to wait, and Charlotte eventually agreed.[2]


Victor is an efficient, straightforward and stubborn man. As Inquisitor, he takes his job very seriously, even if it may make him seem rude. He isn't afraid to defend his opinion, going so far as to publicly question the Consul.

Physical description

Victor is described as an older man with a clean-shaven face sunken with stern lines. Tessa has referred to his icy-colored eyes as "bleak and stormy gray, like a rainy sea." After an encounter with Mortmain's automatons, Victor now has a scar on his cheek.