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They're like dragons. They like to stockpile sparkly things. Junk, jewels, it's all the same to them.

Jace Herondale, City of Lost Souls

Vetis demons are dragon-like creatures that tend to hoard things that sparkle—whether they are valuable or not.


In 1899, a group of senior students at the Shadowhunter Academy released a Vetis demon trapped in a Pyxis as a prank against part-demon Shadowhunter James Herondale. The demon killed Clive Cartwright, who had been holding the Pyxis when it was released. It was quickly vanquished by James and Matthew Fairchild.[1]

Clary, Jace, and Sebastian met with a Vetis demon named Mirek in Prague in 2007.[2]


Vetis demons are said to somewhat resemble dragon demons. They are gray, scaly, and tall, having elongated but human-shaped bodies. They have long serpentine arms that end in eel-like heads. They have ruby-red eyes and a mouth full of pointed teeth that jut out in every direction.


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