Codex Jace 02

Jace on a vampire motorcycle.

Vampire motorcycles are demon energy-powered motorcycles owned by vampires. These motorcycles are unique in that they are capable of flying. Because they run on demon energies, they dissolve in the daylight.[1] The demon energies also make the motorcycles responsive to the wishes of its vampire owners.[2]


In August 2007, Jace Herondale stole a motorcycle from the roof of the Hotel Dumort while escaping with Clary Fairchild and Simon Lewis. With no keys, Jace turned on the bike's engine with a stele. The motorcycle was destroyed when Jace was unable to land and hide it in time to beat the sunrise. Jace got ahold of another motorcycle from Magnus Bane, who gave him the motorcycle that was left outside his apartment after his last party. Jace kept it on the roof of the New York Institute.[1]

When he was unable to get to his own motorcycle, Jace borrowed one from Raphael Santiago to fly over the East River and get to Valentine's ship. After this incident, Jace's motorcycle on the top of the Institute also went missing, with Jace assuming that it was under orders from the Inquisitor, Imogen Herondale.[3]

Raphael also used his motorcycle multiple times to meet with Simon.[2][4]