SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
Valentine's ship
Status: Destroyed
Location: Various

Valentine Morgenstern

Notable residents:

Valentine Morgenstern

Notable guests:

Jace Herondale

Notable prisoners:

Valentine's ship was a large tanker that served as the headquarters of Valentine Morgenstern.


Valentine's ship was almost as long as, if not longer than a football field. It was unmarked and entirely black, with a narrow prow and a wide deck. A long narrow cabin served as an entrance to the bowels of the ship, which contained many railed metal walkways and broken machinery. At the very bottom of the ship was a storage room that served as a holding cell for Valentine's prisoners.

The ship was warded against intruders and guarded by the Greater Demon Agramon, who Valentine had previously summoned through the warlock Elias.[1]



In 2007 Valentine Morgenstern sailed his ship to Long Island Sound near New York City, where the wards between worlds were thin.

Jace Herondale, having tortured Valentine's location out of a demon, made his way onto the ship via a Vampire motorcycle and came across Agramon while looking for Valentine. Valentine called off the demon before he could kill Jace, and once his son woke up he proceeded to tell him about his plans and ask him to join him. He then used the half-demonic Mortal Sword to summon a host of lesser demons to guard the ship.

The ship was later infiltrated by Clary Fairchild and her friends—with the help of Magnus Bane—in the hopes of finding and rescuing Maia and Simon, who Valentine had taken prisoner in order use their blood to convert the Sword.

While battling the demons guarding the ship Clary was captured and taken to Valentine. The Conclave, led by Imogen Herondale, later attacked the ship and helped fight off the demons, resulting in many Shadowhunters' deaths. After fighting Valentine alongside Jace and Simon, Clary used her rune powers to draw a destructive and extremely powerful Open rune which tore the ship apart and caused it to burn down.[1]


  • The ship was in very poor condition, covered in rust and full of broken machinery. Its electronics did not work; it is possible that Valentine used the Mortal Sword in some way to power it.


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