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Valentine's apartment is a dimensional, luxurious apartment, where Valentine Morgenstern hid in when he was presumed dead. It was later used by his son and Jace Herondale when they two had a bond.


Valentine, the original owner stayed there with his son, Jonathan, where they hid for years. It is said that Valentine had also awaited Jocelyn's arrival to join him.

Sebastian and Jace hid in the apartment while they had a bond, and since it exists as a pocket dimension they could not be tracked. Sebastian took Clary to the apartment when she joined them, acting as a spy. During a physical fight between the two, Clary managed to get a stele from him and drew a rune on what was supposed to be the door. Sebastian saw this as an unfinished opening rune and laughed at her silly attempt. After they got ready and left the apartment exploded. Clary laughed and explained that her 'unfinished' rune was actually completed to destroy the place.[1]


  • There is a closet full of female clothing that Valentine had kept for Jocelyn.
  • Clary destroyed the apartment using a rune that looked like an unfinished opening rune.