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    My ticket to the Fandom

    October 5, 2014 by Xtziee

    Hi guyz! Jasmine here. Here I would like to know how you guys got introduced to the Shadow world. Not everyone randomly picked up a book from the store? Did your friend suggest it or you got it from a recommendation list at Goods Read. Whatever let me know!

    Anyways here's how I became a part of the Fandom:
    My friend had once given my bestie 2 book to read, one was The Host and the other one City of Bones. Since she could not read both of them I chose to read the latter one. Duh! That was just the beginning. I soon got lost in the book and apparently my friend did not have the second books, so I downloaded the entire series in epub form and started reading. The funny thing is that I have read books before but never took it hobby or whatever. But…

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  • Xtziee

    Okay guys !!! I just noticed a post in tumblr which complete sense of Cassie saying that some thing big is gonna happen to Simon so here it is!!!!

    Noticed something???

    1) Simon wearing glasses ( and vampires aren immune to a weak eyesigh)!!!!

    2) Simon have runes on his arms????

    Guys your thoughts!!! Oh my GOD!! I am soo Excited!!!

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