Hello everybody! I am new to this wikia so yea :P. I wanted to tell a little bit about myself so I am not a COMPLETE stranger on here. I will put some of my favorite things down below. Okay! Bye!

1. My favorite female character is Clary or Tessa. They are both so majestic ;P. I also like Izzy. 

2. My favorite male character is either Jace or Magnus. I love them both so much. <3

3. My biggest OTP of the entire franchise is Malec. I love malec! <3

4. My least favorite character is either Camille or Maia Roberts. Not a big fan of either of them. -_-

5. My favorite book is probably City Of Bones so far. (I have only read 3 of the books so far) 

6. I have read City Of Bones, City Of Ashes, and The Bane Chronicles. I own Lady Midnight and Clockwork Angel but I am a slow reader :/

7. I have seen every episode of the Shadowhunters tv show and I own the movie ;P. 

I hope to get to meet some of you soon! Comment down below some of your interests! 

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