This series of books honestly the best thing I have ever read! I hate reading but when I picked the mortal instruments up (after seeing the movie) I fell in love!

I loved the movie adaptation though people/critics really didn't respond well which was a total bummer because I would love all the books to be made into movies that would be the most incredible thing!!!plus I love the actors who are portraying all the the characters I think they embody it very well though I would love jace-to be a little tanner and his hair a little flowier in the movie plus maybe a little more muscle. But other then that dead on for me! Also I hate when people r like we aren't supposed to no that they aren't related but the audience is cuz for people who haven't read the books well I think people would go "eww.. Umm what??!??!" So screw off people who don't get it!

I haven't read the last book yet City of Heavenly Fire yet cuz I'm scared cuz once it's over it's over! I mean Cassandra Clare is making The Dark Artifices which will take place 5 years later after everything that happened in the last book but Clary,Jace,Simon..ECT.. Will not be the main character it will be people who were 11,12 when the final battle to save the shadow hunter race/human race in the last I call it double trilogy (her new books will only be a trilogy)(I see which series she loves the most!!!) lovennnnn ittttt!!!!!

So overall I haven't read the prequel cuz I just love The Mortal Instruments to much and the characters to try and love any others! But in The Dark Artifices 5 years later I mean The Mortal Instruments people who survive will make cameos but those characters will always be my favorite and jace and clary will always always always be the most powerful shadow hunters because they have more angel blood in them then any other shadow hunter in history!!!!

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