Note: The topic discussed here is no longer applied on the wiki. The TV wiki is now separate: Shadowhunters on Freeform wiki.
My Jace is the Jace in the books, not the Jace in the movie or Tv show.

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In light of the upcoming TV series adaptation of The Mortal Instruments, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, this is a little project the wiki may have to undertake in the coming months, depending on your votes. I'd like you guys to be able to pitch in as this will affect everyone's experience on the wiki. In hopes of making this wiki the go-to for everything related to The Shadowhunter Chronicles, below are some proposed changes so the site can serve as the wiki for both the book and the TV series.

Of course there's the possibility that the show, like the film, might contain only little and very minor differences (either changes, additions, and/or missing details), so I'd like to put this above all the rest so you could ponder it while reading on: If this is implemented, would it be too much or more complicated, or would you be at least fine with it?

For this set-up, we will be putting into consideration a couple of factors related to the series, readers, and future viewers:

  • Spoilers (explained below)
  • Two different adaptations potentially quite different from each other.
  • The adaptations also somehow different from the source material (the series books) in some way.
  • The non-watching readers (readers uninterested in watching the show who might be less than enthusiastic to keep seeing TV stuff on articles when they go to the wiki for book info) and non-reader viewers (not everyone who will watch the show will read the books either and would thus not want to be spoiled).

For this example, I will be using the Jace Herondale page (Clary Fray is also currently in this format).

  • Separate pages
WAP - sep

Aside from the possible unique pages (articles on characters or things only found in the adaptation and weren't adapted from the book/s), we may also end up having a couple of duplicate-like pages. The book and adaptation articles may be separated in some cases: 1) when shared elements are drastically changed, and 2) when the book article of a certain element contains potential heavy spoilers; examples could include character pages, and maybe even the species page for Shadowhunters (note: only an example!). However, if a page does not necessarily spoil too much of potential future series events, it can simply be integrated into the article, with distinction if necessary: if it's similar, no need for separation or distinction; but if there are some adjustments, they could be a section for the adaptation or differences (e.g. the element/item/location pages—example: Infinity Gems—with sections such as "Alternate Realities" on the Marvel wiki—on this wiki, the "Behind the scenes" section might be used).

Some alternatives that come to mind include: having a section for the TV show events in the existing articles (more repetitive than separate pages since some info would appear twice in one article); creating a separate page for the book-show changes (which would only work if the changes are few and far between); or just integrating the added stuff into the articles (something I envisioned for the film, back when I thought it'd be a more faithful adaptation; doing so would imply that the TV series is as canon as the books.. which it won't be, unless by some miracle the show contains only additions with almost no changes or reductions), so things may get more confusing if we don't make the necessary adjustments.

  • Tab view
WAP - tabs

The wonderful tab view, for easier viewing/navigation. Basically, the tabview just combines all the separate pages.

  • Separate pages + tab view

They're both convenient in their own right. If you're only a TV viewer, you can then just view the separate pages and just skip to the TV series version of the page; if you only want to see book-related stuff, you can do the same. However, if you follow all of them, then you can simply to the main article (the one with no parenthesis) and easily switch between these versions.

However, since the front/first page would be the very spoilery book pages, these central pages will simply be considered a more convenient way to view pages, mostly for the fans who both read the books and watch the show. Additionally, it is a generally longer process to edit from here, so this is really just mainly for viewing particularly for more casual users; editors, and those who don't want to spoiled, or only watch or read, should go to the specific page version/the individual pages.

Something I'd like to point out in relation to this: Note that in a way, simply knowing that Jace goes by "Jace Herondale" could be a spoiler, so as a solution, for this article and others like it: the spoilery name will be only used as the page name for 1) the book version (which hopefully the viewer won't have to stumble upon or ever intentionally go to to try and read ahead just hoping they won't be spoiled too much—it happens) and 2) for the central page (which viewers wouldn't need to go to -- e.g. going to Jace Wayland, which is what he would be known as for the first season/s, would only send them to the TV series counterpart's page). Maybe even as an extra precaution, the TV show page can be used as the front/first page viewed when the central page is visited (e.g. Simon Lewis), as opposed to the book page (as is seen in the other examples, Jace and Clary's pages). This isn't exactly fool-proof; they could still end up seeing the spoilery names on other parts of the wiki, but we try to place precautions where we can as much as possible.

  • Templates

For now, the main example would be the {{Adaptation}} template.

CJ 09 September Tessa
“It felt so real, so utterly real—”

This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

I'm also looking to add portals and/or a slider (like the one on the Avatar wiki) on the main page; once I figure out what to put there, I'll update this post and show an example. Also drop-down menus for the separate pages for easier navigating if it's outside the main article's tab view. Additionally, I previously brought up the prospect of adding new custom namespaces but figured it won't be necessary with these new ones; however, if you guys still think it might be a good idea, feel free to say so!

There's also the matter of categorization, which might necessitate that both the central page and the individual articles be categorized, thus resulting in the possibility that there may be two to three pages of, for example, one character in some categories (e.g. Clary Fray & Clary Fray in the City of Bones characters category; I've included this on the sample pages). This is because categorization is mainly for organization and for easy navigation of the users. For the other categories (example: gender categories), they can simply be separated ("Female characters" for book characters, "Female characters (TV)" and "Female characters (film)" for the adaptations), and so on.

Now I'd like to again bring up the question I presented at the beginning of this post: If this is implemented, would it be too much or more complicated, or would you be at least fine with it? Please also take note that this is a work in progress, with kinks to work out and possible improvements to be applied, so.. if you have any suggestions, comments, opinions, etc. please comment below. They're very much appreciated!

P.S. If you'd be okay with this being implemented, maybe you could recommend alternative words to place in parentheses after the name, go right ahead! :)

(Examples of other wikis with similar setups, wherein the wiki maintains both book content as well as the TV content, considered slightly separate because of all the changes made for TV: TVD, Dexter, PLL, TWD, among others. If you haven't yet, I recommend you check it out to get an idea of how this might work, with a couple of differences.)