I became a fan of Cassandra Clare's work in 2014 after watching the film, i can say that the books are way better, she is my favourite author and her work is amazing.

I have already read The Mortal Instruments searies but made the mistake of not reading The Infernal Devices searies before hand as i didnt know therw was anything before TMI. So i am now reading them, im on Clockowrk Prince and its amazing.

I have no idea who i ship Tessa with, Jem or Will?Im stuck between the two!

Ive read spoilers on this searies so thats a pain.

Jessa or Wessa? At the moment its Wessa although Jem&Tess get together, and i think they go well together other than Jem Tessa can put Will in a good mood but also a bad one well everyone can do that but its different with Tessa because he loves her, but doesn't want her to love him be ause shell die its a perfect love story!

Will the "bad" guy of London, who always lies about were hes been and makes everyone hate him because of the way he acts but deep down loves everyone at the institute very much he just doesnt want them to love him incase they die its sad really wanting no one to love you so you can save them, he seems like a man who would take care of Tessa. But we all know what happens.:(

I guess I'll have to read on and find out what happens! (:

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