• PixiePetal

    I became a fan of Cassandra Clare's work in 2014 after watching the film, i can say that the books are way better, she is my favourite author and her work is amazing.

    I have already read The Mortal Instruments searies but made the mistake of not reading The Infernal Devices searies before hand as i didnt know therw was anything before TMI. So i am now reading them, im on Clockowrk Prince and its amazing.

    I have no idea who i ship Tessa with, Jem or Will?Im stuck between the two!

    Ive read spoilers on this searies so thats a pain.

    Jessa or Wessa? At the moment its Wessa although Jem&Tess get together, and i think they go well together other than Jem Tessa can put Will in a good mood but also a bad one well everyone can do that but its different …

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