I know I know not the most original title out there but bear with me :p.So none of my friends have ever watched Shadowhunters(tv&movie) or read the books and even if they would I don't think they would be interested in talking about Malec.Which is why i wrote this post becausee i reaallllyy wanna talk about Malec.

One thing that has always saddened me after reading all the books(apart from i think 3 books from the tales of shadowhunters academy)is that Alec will inevitably die at some point and to be honest I think that the love that is shared between him and Magnus is too true,deep,magical and beautiful to end like that.

So i would like to know your opinions on this matter and whether or not you think Alec will somehow become immortal and if so how?Thanks for reading and replying <3 #Malec

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