Clary (fray, fairchild, morgenstern)

Clarissa Morgenstern/Fray

Jace (wayland,morgenstern,lightwood,herondale)

Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Herondale/Lightwood

Alec Lightwood

Alec Lightwood

Isabelle Lightwood

Isabelle Lightwood

Simon lewis

Simon Lewis

Magnus Bane

Magnus Bane

Tessa Grey

Theressa Grey

Jem Carstairs

James Carstairs

Will Herondale

William Herondale

Sophie Collins

Sophie Collins

Jessamine Lovelace

Jessamine Lovelace/Grey

Jonathan (Sebastian Verlac) Morgenstern

Jonathan/Sebastian Morgenstern/Verlac

As my afternoon went by i decided to spend my time making adorable chibi versions of the mortal instruments and infernal devices main charactersI did not to include Jocelyn, Luke, Valentine,Charlotte, Henry nor Gabriel and Gideon Lightwood simply becuase i had not enough time to make them all, but as soon as i get some free time i'll make them.  Please tell me if you like them!!! 

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