Black Family Tree, Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix

Family Tree

Imagine how it would be like if the Shadowhunters would have a Family Tree, like the one from Harry Potter and The Order of The Pheonix. There would be lines that connect the characters from "The Infernal Devices" trilogy to the ones in "The Mortal Instruments" series. A family tree would make it easier to understand the connections between the characters in the two series already published and the ones to come. 

I do not know how to connect all the charcters yet, but in time I will learn and I will try to create a Shadowhunter Family Tree, hopefully from the begging of Shadowhunters (Yes, beggining with Jonathan Shadowhunter) if lovely Cassandra Clare, the author of this amazing novels and the creator of the Shadowhunter world, would provide us, her fandom, with the necessary information to be able to build this Family Tree.

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