I love to read. I love it more than most teenagers living in this decade. So when I came across the first book in The Mortal Instruments series, I read the back and was eager to start chapter one. It was during this time of reading that book that a few things stood out in my mind about Cassie's writing, and those are a few things I wish to highlight at this moment.

For starters, Miss Cassandra Clare can paint a picture of imagery so clear I feel as though the image is imprinted in my mind forever. For example, the building mentioned within the first few sentences of the prologue in City of Ashes is so crystal clear in my mind that I feel that if I were to look outside my window, it would be there. Her descriptions of the characters, especially the boys, is so intricately laid out that I can just envision them all as real people. I love having those images to look back on in my head.

Secondly, her character development is beyond extraordinary. Immediately after reading City of Bones I knew that Clary was a redhead, short, enjoys drawing, has a strong bond with her mother and Luke, and is rather stubborn about most things. After finishing the series, I knew that Jace was not only sarcastic, attractive, blond, and super BA when it comes to demon hunting, but I also knew that he could be protective and compassionate towards more people than just his girlfriend. A lot of authors won't go into as much depth as she did. And I think many of us, as fans, are grateful for that.

Lastly, the clarity of her writing is beautiful(not to be confused with the crystal clear images of her descriptions). She writes with such a clean passion that it makes the work easy to read, as well as fun. I don't have to skip over useless sidenotes, sidestories, or sidethoughts from the characters because she makes everything connect together in the end. While Maia and Raphael just seemed out of place as random characters when they were first introduced, they proved themselves memorable as windows to the perspective of the werewolves and vampires in the story, as well as friends to the more main characters(well, maybe not Raphael so much...). 

Cassandra Clare's writing, in truth, is a magical thing. 

~Kbelleshade67 00:49, November 20, 2014 (UTC)kbelleshade67

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