When I finished COFA, COLS had'nt come out yet and I was really, really scared because of page 511 (malec breakup), the ending literally killed me. COFA doesn't have that part at the end with "sneak peek at the sequel" and so i was freaking out really badly because i thought Cassandre Clare wasn't going to write a sequel and just end the series like that.

Then one day I want to Barnes and Noble and they had COLS on the "new releases" display and I ran over and picked up the book, hugging it to my chest and crying right there in the middle of the store. It got so bad that the customer service lady had to come over and ask if everything was OK. I turned to her and just said, with tears running down my face, "Yes, everything is OK now, everything is OK..." and just started hugging the book again.

That was one of the best moments (and most embarrassing, but still) of my life thank you Cassie.

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