One of the things i find most incredible and just... awesome about TMI and all of Cassie's writing, is how she is brave enough to put controversial stuff in her books. And doesnt try to really work it to her advantage, like advertising it, but just quietly puts it in there almost as a statement proving that people can be different. When i say "controversial", i mean the things that some people look down on, primarily diversity in sexuality, race and religion. i mean, just look at the cast of charaters: we have alec who is gay, magnus who is bi, tessa who is attracted to 2 guys, and jace/clary who are attracted to their sibling(for a time). And jem is half chineese, maia is half african american, raphael is latino, and magnus is asian. As for religion, simon is jewish and jem believes in reincarnation. And there are alot of people out there who belive some or all of these characteristics are wrong or disgusting in some way. But Cassie is here to prove them wrong.

Thats what i love about her. Shes bold. and brave. By putting controversial topics in her books (namely TMI and TID) she takes a huge leap for a YA author, and a huge risk. I know for a fact that the mortal instruments are banned from alot of bookstores and libraries. And the amazing thing is that in spite of these controversial ideas, her books have been wildly successful. Or maybe, it is because of this. People who cant find characters to relate to because of their beliefs, race, or sexual preference can finally see themselves in Jem, Magnus, Simon, and the others. And of course supporters of equality have huge respect for her. I think the person who has said it best is Sarah Rees Brennan in shadowhunters and downworlders:

"Think about what a book being popular really means. It means that alot of people read it- alot of people get the message that, for instance, gay relationships shouldn't exist by reading books where they dont exist. I wish none of this was true, but it is; and since it is, i'm so happy Cassandra Clare's books are in the world and that they have been so wildly successful and beloved. Cassandra Clare has acheived an enormous amount, because she's been able to send out this message to so many readers: whoever you are, whatever you want- it's ok, and you're ok. You can be better than ok: you cam be a hero. We need more scandalous books by deviant wenches to tell us that."

Comment if you agree!

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