Greetings Earthlings.. ;)

Hopefully you've all read (and sobbed your way through) Clockwork Princess!

If not, then LOOK AWAY NOW! (There will be spoilers!)

If you have read it - let's just take a moment to remember how amazing it was, and fangirl/boy! 

Let's talk about the Epilogue of Clockwork Princess!

I have heard some people say that they were disappointed with the ending because they felt like Cassandra Clare was trying to please both sets of fans who were either 'Team Jem' or 'Team Will'. 

Imagine being Tessa, and having to watch the two most important people in your life, age and die. Tessa knowingly makes her choices to marry Will, have his children and watch him (and their children) grow old and die. She also chooses to be with Jem for the rest of his mortal life, and Tessa even tells the reader her thoughts (if you can deal with the feels): “Jem was mortal now. He would grow old like Will, and like Will he would die.”

It would be HEARTBREAKING. (Oh my god, can't deal.. *sobs*)

Personally I agree with Ms. Clare who replied to a fan's question on her Tumblr saying that "It is painful, but it is also bittersweet. Tessa is making the choice Will agonizes over earlier (“every parting is also a greeting, every greeting a parting”): knowing that death and pain are part of life, choosing love anyway, even if it will end some day. It is a brave choice, one Magnus agonizes over. One Will be so proud of Tessa for making. Choosing joy."

I really do understand Tessa's choice. It shows that Tessa does love both boys just as much. You shouldn't turn someone down just because of what might will happen in the future! Tessa chose joy, and Will would have been proud of her choice, because we all know that he loves Jem just as much as Tessa!

  • What do you think of Tessa's choice? Did you like the Epilogue?
  • Or did you think that it was a 'soft' ending and CC was just trying to please two sides of the fandom?!
  • And, more importantly, did you enjoy/love/cherish the book? <strike?Obviously, YES!</strike>

P.S. I'm already counting down the days till City of Heavenly Fire, the movie and The Shadowhunter's Codex!

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