• Hmeig

    Greetings Earthlings.. ;)

    Hopefully you've all read (and sobbed your way through) Clockwork Princess!

    If you have read it - let's just take a moment to remember how amazing it was, and fangirl/boy! 

    I have heard some people say that they were disappointed with the ending because they felt like Cassandra Clare was trying to please both sets of fans who were either 'Team Jem' or 'Team Will'. 

    Imagine being Tessa, and having to watch the two most important people in your life, age and die. Tessa knowingly makes her choices to marry Will, have his children and watch him (and their children) grow old and die. She also chooses to be with Jem for the rest of his mortal life, and Tessa even tells the reader her thoughts (if you can deal with the feels): “…

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