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Congratulations Seraph Autumn!! Magnus Bane appreciates the effort you put in to create a memorable friend for him, and thank you again to all who participated! It ended up being a VERY tight race between Elliana Darkend and Lucia "Ghost" Ashfordly, but Elliana won by ONE vote!

To relive the glory of the contest and to see all who entered, check out the previous rounds below!


Congratulations again to Seraph Autumn who has won Shadowhunter rune pins, a The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones t-shirt, and a copy of Clockwork Princess! Keep scrolling to read the winning entry

Name: Elliana Darkend

Species: Warlock

Family: N/A. Mother was killed in a fire.

Appearance: Long dark purple hair, black wings with red tipped feathers. Elliana normally wears black skinniy jeans, always ripped, a black T-shirt depicting whatever she chooses, and a baggy black hoodie she can fold her wings into. Besides being extremely pale, she has long black eyelashes that cover her bird-like eyes. She is 709 years old, but looks 19.

Bio: Elliana has a talent for destructive magic. At age seven she set fire to a warehouse killing her mother and eight people on accident. In her village in England where she was raised the mundanes always called her the "Bird-witch". As for Magnus... Well, it's a bit complicated. They first met when she left her village and ventured to Rome, meeting Magnus on the boat that brought her there. After accidentally performing a spell that broke the boat in half, Magnus offered her some training in her skills.

After discovering that her father was Azazel, Elliana is horrified and turns to Magnus for comfort. The two become friends, and their friendship steadily grows into something like a sibling relationship. After a few years spent pick pocketing Romans and working odd jobs(like selling chicken feet to small children) they decide it's time to leave. They make their way to Athens, Greece, where they figure it would be fun to join up with the circus, performing "magic tricks" for mundanes.

After acing their audictions, Elliana and Magnus have to leave Greece soon after, because Magnus slept with the ringmaster, the bearded lady, and also someone very high up in Greek society. The two say their goodbyes, sad to be parted, but Magnus is headed for London (year 1876) to stay with his girlfriend, the vampiress, and Elliana is going to America to practice her magic (and trying not to blow up any national landmarks and such). The next time the two see each other will be when they lower mutual friend Ragnor Fell into the ground in 2007, after Valentine's men murdedered him. How Eilliana knew him... Well, that's a whole other story.

Now, Magnus and Elliana have the choice to fight in the Mortal War. Elliana teams up with a Shadowhunter named Elisha, who is killed early on in the battle, and she just happens to save Magnus and Alec's life by throwing a fireball at a demon about to stab them through the heart. The last Magnus ever sees of her is her sly grin as she hurled fire in every direction of Alicante.
Seraph Autumn

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