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Name: Lucia 'Ghost' Ashfordly

Species: Warlock

Family: One remaining sibling, a brother named Lucas. Lucas is a warlock who Ghost lost contact with upon him turning to darker magic as opposed to using his powers for good like she chose to.

Appearance: Blue eyes, purple hair to her mid torso and elfin features. Ghost has a single lip stud beneath the left side of her lower lip, and is often told that she is taller than the average female (5 foot 6 inches). She is known to walk elegantly and she is very well spoken. Ghost is often described to carry an alternative style due to her tendency to wear ripped jeans and dark t-shirts.

Bio: Ghost Ashfordly is a warlock who was born in 1804 in London, England. Her incredibly vibrant hair is one of her warlock marks, and during her time as a child and in early adolescence she had many tests carried out on her by curious scientists who had never seens such a colour on a youth before. It was later found that the tips of her ears are curved into points, much like those often seen on elves, and due to this she was unable to keep her hair entirely pulled back in the fashion expected of women in her time. After straying away from her family, who had not taken kindly to her warlock status, Ghost joined the Bellatores Lucis. This band of 4 female warlocks utilised their powers to help others. Within the Bellatores Lucis Ghost acted as lead healer as well as a fighter and used her mastery over magic to aid Nephilim and other Downworlders when they found themselves in a predicament.

It was upon leaving the tight-knit group of the Bellatores Lucis that Ghost stumbled upon Magnus Bane. She'd left the Bellatores due to the loss of two of her fellow 'sisters' in a large scuffle between some vampires and Nephilim, in which around 5 Nephilim lost their lives. The last remaining member (aside from Ghost herself) in the Bellatores, Toralei, began to wander after the death of her friends and Ghost felt herself begin to lose touch with the people she had spent years with and so she left to make her own way. Ghost found herself turning to the London Institute in the hope that someone could offer her any sort of aid, and it was here that she met Magnus Bane and found herself pulled into a close friendship. She travelled with Magnus and Ragnor Fell for many months during their time in London and gradually became more equipped in her own style of magic and grew accostomed and more accepting of Warlock marks. It was Magnus and Ragnor who taught her to be more accepting of the person she was, to stop trying to hide the extensive power she possessed and instead use it wisely and freely, much like she had done back in the Bellatores Lucis.

Ghost, Magnus, and Ragnor remain close friends to the present day despite Ghost's relocation to New York after the attack on London that was planned by Mortmain, due to the loses suffereed by the institute and the Shadow World as a whole leaving a large chunk out of the pleasant world Ghost had created. Later, in her time in New York, she found herself re-aquainted with Magnus and Camille, who she had met back in London, and rekindeled their previous friendship over time.

Name: Demi Stark

Species: Mainly Shadowhunter but with Vampire blood mixed in.

Family: Her mother is a Downworlder Vampire that fell in love with a Shadowhunter named Marx Starkweather. No siblings.

Appearance: Long, straight black hair that falls to her waist, and bangs that cover her forehead. Her eyes are a very icy Green that almost look white. because of the vampire blood, her lips are red and her skin very pale, with eyelashes that brush her cheekbones. Demi stands at about 5'5, and prefers shadowhunter black. She's appears to be about 18 but is really about 50 or so. The vampire blood doesn't stop her from aging, but it does slow it down a great deal. Shes pretty quiet and very observant. She has a reason behind every thing she says. Her weapons of choice are two twin daggers with pale green hilts. And of course, scars and runes lace her arms. Reference

Bio: Demi's mother fell in love with her father Marx Starkweather and he with her. They were happily married until her mother discovers she was pregnant with Demi. Demi never knew her father, for he died in a demon attack. Her mother was Camille Belcourt. Camille dropped Demi off at the nearest institute and never spoke to her, or even tried to be motherly.

Demi knows her mother is the great Vampire, but has never told anyone. She keeps it hidden from the world and is very nomadic, because of it. She hates her mother, and wishes she had meet her father. Because of this, she is a very short tempered, and cold type person. She is reckless and determined, but a very good shadowhunter to say the least. (Having the agility and speed of a vampire helps as well)

She hates most downworlders (accept Magnus of course), though she is part one her self . She doesn't need blood to live, as her mother does, but the sight of it exites her. Demi hates this part of herself, and tries to keep it hidden. Never really fitting in with the shadowhunters is the reason she shortened her name. She is her own person, and keeps to her self. Currently, she is living in the San Fransisco Institute.

Her relation to Magnus: well, being Camille's daughter helps of course, even if she doesn't want anything to do with her. Magnus knows of Demi and is a kind friend to her, when no one else is.
Haylee Emma Tompkins

Name: Aria Dewinter

Species: Shadowhunter

Family: Parents unknown and most likely deceased.

Appearance: Brown long hair that falls in waves, brown eyes. She regards herself as fierce looking, not pretty. Pretty, she says, is what you'd used to describe a flower and flowers are easily destroyed. She is not insecure, yet she knows her flaws and often shows them off. Parents are unknown. Very blunt. If she doesn't like you, which she normally won't, you'll know it. Tall, 5'6 but not as tall as she'd like to be. She's very slim and willowy from afar, but closer up, years of training are easily visible on her skin. Though she won't admit it, she is very beautiful and constantly has people swooning over her, mostly shadowhunters. She often scars her body in various ways, attempting to make it look flawed, but it only ends up making her more stunning.

Bio: There have been countless times when people have sought her friendship, but she wishes to stay cold and detached, as to not form any heartfelt connections with others after what happened to her closest friend. Derek Rider was a Shadowhunter turned Vampire that Aria had known since her earliest years. For the majority of her life, it was just her and Derek. Derek was her family. But then, Derek was killed in a freak Shadowhunter raid. Aria vowed to never open up to anyone ever again because she didn't believe she had any heart left after Derek was torn from her. However, there was one person she let herself trust.

How she knows Magnus: Magnus saved Aria from a Demon attack where she was severly outnumbered. At first, she hated Magnus for saving her, telling him that she would rather die than be saved by someone and therefore be in debt to them. Magnus then informs her that when the time came for her to let go of her past, he would be waiting for her. Aria was left speechless as the Warlcok left her to herself. She had never met someone that hadn't tried to persuade her of anything. She decided the next day to track down the Warlock to understand him better.

Her mortal flaw- The need of knowledge. Aria hates being left in the dark, or not fully in every way understanding something or someone. People believe it's her way of coping with not having or knowing her parents. Normally, she reads people as easy as she could read a book. The only person in her life that she hasn't been able to fully understand until meeting Magnus, was Derek. So, not willing to be left in the dark, she finds Magnus and demands answers. The two grow close, but not romantically. Aria trusts Magnus, yet still hasn't figured him out yet, even after all this time. However, she feels the need to protect him, swearing a life oath to him, though he doesn't know it. Wherever Magnus goes, Aria follows, hiding in the shadows, ready to strike if harm comes to him. However, in the time period of the City of Fallen Angels, Aria is captured by a nest of Vampires. All shadowhunters are busy with the war, so she realizes she's stuck untill she can get out. Everyday, for the past few months since Jonathan had disapeared, the Vampires have been taking her blood, bit by bit. They have tempted to turn her, but her cold will was to strong. She's still there, hoping Magnus will come to her rescue again, though she would never admit it out loud.

She assumes the last name "DeWinter" because she was born in December on the Winter Solstice.

Name: Elliana Darkend

Species: Warlock

Family: N/A. Mother was killed in a fire.

Appearance: Long dark purple hair, black wings with red tipped feathers. Elliana normally wears black skinniy jeans, always ripped, a black T-shirt depicting whatever she chooses, and a baggy black hoodie she can fold her wings into. Besides being extremely pale, she has long black eyelashes that cover her bird-like eyes. She is 709 years old, but looks 19.

Bio: Elliana has a talent for destructive magic. At age seven she set fire to a warehouse killing her mother and eight people on accident. In her village in England where she was raised the mundanes always called her the "Bird-witch". As for Magnus... Well, it's a bit complicated. They first met when she left her village and ventured to Rome, meeting Magnus on the boat that brought her there. After accidentally performing a spell that broke the boat in half, Magnus offered her some training in her skills.

After discovering that her father was Azazel, Elliana is horrified and turns to Magnus for comfort. The two become friends, and their friendship steadily grows into something like a sibling relationship. After a few years spent pick pocketing Romans and working odd jobs(like selling chicken feet to small children) they decide it's time to leave. They make their way to Athens, Greece, where they figure it would be fun to join up with the circus, performing "magic tricks" for mundanes.

After acing their audictions, Elliana and Magnus have to leave Greece soon after, because Magnus slept with the ringmaster, the bearded lady, and also someone very high up in Greek society. The two say their goodbyes, sad to be parted, but Magnus is headed for London (year 1876) to stay with his girlfriend, the vampiress, and Elliana is going to America to practice her magic (and trying not to blow up any national landmarks and such). The next time the two see each other will be when they lower mutual friend Ragnor Fell into the ground in 2007, after Valentine's men murdedered him. How Eilliana knew him... Well, that's a whole other story.

Now, Magnus and Elliana have the choice to fight in the Mortal War. Elliana teams up with a Shadowhunter named Elisha, who is killed early on in the battle, and she just happens to save Magnus and Alec's life by throwing a fireball at a demon about to stab them through the heart. The last Magnus ever sees of her is her sly grin as she hurled fire in every direction of Alicante.
Seraph Autumn

Name: Marcus Ravendale

Species: Shadowhunter

Family: Marcus only knows of his Mother who abandoned him at a young age.

Appearance: Marcus has tousled red hair that is usually found swept to the side and deep blue eyes. After living with Magnus he managed to aquire his eccentric taste of clothing, favouring brightly coloured T-shirts but has an extreme distaste for glitter. His stance radiates confidence and he rarely lets people know his real emotions prefering to keep an indifferent look on his face, although his deep set eyes speak of pain and experiance.

Bio: Marcus was born into a mundane family consisting of only his Mother, at age eight his Mother abandoned him in Cleveland when he started claim to see demons and have one come visit him in his room. After wondering the streets seeking help from strangers, he somehow managed to stumble upon a clan of vampires unknowingly. Magnus saves Marcus from a gruesome death at their hands and says he knew his Father who was a Shadowhunter. Magnus takes Marcus under his wing and teaches him the Shadowhunter ways until Marcus moves out at age seventeen seeking his Father since Magnus as a father figure can only placate him for so long.
Ellie Chall
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