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And the Winners Are…

The moment of truth has arrived, and - if you've been following along at home - you'll notice that we have a clear winner to our Magnus Bane Closet Confidential challenge - Danica h14!


Danica's outfit selection definitely carries a silvery glitter theme - from the eye makeup, to the black-and-silver glittery nail polish, and even down to the shoes. Beyond that, we'd almost describe this as Magnus' conservative look, going with mostly neutral, dark grey, and black tones. Like a few other entrants, Danica went with the tight leather pants and a few shirt/jacket options, including a fun flared black tight-fitting black military jacket and a more 80s-esque tan and black coat with cutout elbows. Go check out her descriptions of her selections on her Pinterest board!

The runner-up winner, coming in not far behind Danica, is Wicicala.


Definitely less conservative than our winner, this outfit features glitter and jewelry galore, starting with the main jacket pick that's all ruby-colored sequins. The footwear pick was most definitely different from our winner, going with lace-up and stripy knee-high combat boots. And instead of tight leather pants, Wicicala went with a more traditional leather biker pant.

We'll be getting in touch with our winners soon to arrange delivery of their prizes. In case you forgot, the grand prize is a special movie prize pack from Sony/Screen Gems for the upcoming movie "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" and a $50 Amazon gift card from us here at Wikia. The special runner-up prize is a copy of Cassandra Clare's latest book Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3).

Thanks everyone for contributing your awesome outfit ideas and for voting! Keep your eyes open for more Closet Confidential contests planned for the future, and we'll work on doing another one of these challenges for Shadowhunteres specifically before the movie's released.

If you want to see the other outfits in the competition, check out the list of finalists!

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