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In case you missed it, there was a GREAT live chat today with authors Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson on "Cover It Live" where they answered questions from fans about The Bane Chronicles and even gave little teasers about The Mortal Instruments! Keep reading for a quick recap of what they gave fans!

Important Notes

  • The Bane Chronicles will be a book next year, with a SHINY cover. Fans will get to see bits of the cover with every Chronicle installment.
  • There will be hints about Magnus Bane's father. Sarah Rees Brennan mentioned, " We definitely get hints about Magnus's father. ;) Cassie is very good at seeding those. She is a taunting mystery writer. ;)"
  • There will be a different reader for each audio installment of The Bane Chronicles.
  • At one point, Maureen Johnson asked who Jace Herondale was! She even mentioned it to us:
Mj tweetjace
  • We got snippets from The Runaway Queen and Scones, Vampires, and Edmund Herondale! Head over to The Bane Chronicles page to read them.
  • A fan asked if Magnus ever wished he was mortal and Cassie said, "Magnus sometimes wishes he was mortal...there's lots of stuff he thinks about doing...But I think he likes being immortal too :D"
  • All the installments are around the same length, but some are a little longer.
  • Jem AND Will are going to show up in The Bane Chronicles.
  • Magnus might have had children! Cassie said, "Magnus might even have had (adopted) children. He does love kids." Sarah proceeded to say, "He and Alec could adopt... if they get back together... and survive..." (TMI Spoilers??). Sarah then confirmed that there will be more Malec (at least in the installments)!
  • James Herondale has many problems that we will see in The Bane Chronicles. He will also have a special power that will be revealed in Midnight Heir. The golden eyes in the Herondales also are from Tessa's side of the family.
  • Tessa Gray and Magnus are friends and she will pop up more than once in the installments.
  • Catarina will appear in City of Heavenly Fire and Camille Belcourt will appear in Vampires, Scones & Edmund Herondale

Fun Bits

  • In an Alec v. Magnus question, Cassie and Sarah chose Magnus while Maureen chose Alec! Her reasons were "He is very reasonable in his fears. He's like, "This is dumb and we will die." I like that."
  • Each author would definitely go to a party hosted by Magnus Bane!
  • Each author ships Church and Chairman Meow! Church, however, is immortal and shows up in The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Chairman Meow is a mortal cat!

So what do you think about what the authors shared with us?? Share your predictions of what you think is going to happen in The Bane Chronicles and The Mortal Instruments in the comments below!

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