Hi everyone! This is my first blog post for the Shadowhunter Wiki! I also did one in the Psych Wiki. Anyways, I want to talk (or type) about the upcoming TV show Shadowhunters. I am sorry if other people have done the same thing, I don't know if they have or not. I want to talk about my opinion of it and the promo trailer! It comes out on January 12th and it airs ar 9 on ABC Family. Once I found out about the show and the cast, I couldn't stop talking about it! I mean, the movie was a let down to me, so I hope this meets my expectations. I truly am excited and hope that it it like the book, but not exactly. I mean, how boring would that be?!  From what the first 7 minutes of the show has showed me, it looks like demons are harboring mundane blood. We don't see why, but I guess that we will find out! I have heard that the relationships will be the same, but there might be some new barriers added. (The cast nor Cassie has given very much info into the depth of it. Darn you discresition! Now, here is my opinions on the cast!

Dominic Sherwood as Jace Herondale/Lightwood/Wayland/mMorgenstern 

I think that Dom will be a great Jace! I kind of got over the fact that neither of Dom's eyes are going to be gold, even though it does show that Jace has angel blood. Dom dyed his hair blonde which I appreciate even though it's not gold. (I can be a real stickler.) From what I have seen, he has a great sense of humor, which Jace has!!! (In then movie he has no humor. Sorry, Jamie Campbell Bower, but it is true.) He can act really well even if he wasn't in a lot of movies. Dominic seems like he has great presence and I hope he can do that for Jace. After all, he's Jace. All in all, I think Dominic Sherwood will be a great Jace.

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray/Fairchild 

Clary is a lot of people's favorite kick-ass girl. (I am not going to say all, I don't need angry messages.) I'm excited she got the part, but I have seen her in Disney Channel movies and I pray that she doesn't 'Disney Channel act' on the show. She is a great canidate for Clary because well, she can act pretty well without Disney Channel. I think this is one of the biggest breaks in her carrier and personally I like that Clary isn't going to be played by someone really really famous because Clary isn't famous at first, if you can see what I'm getting at. I think Katherine McNamara will make a great Clary.

Emurade Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood

I haven't actually seen Emurade in anything she starred in. But, I did watch a lot of Shadowhunter YouTube videos and she has a lot of personality. Fun Fact: Her electrum whip can actually harm people on set. Also, she can't make shadow puppets! She seems really fun and a great actress for Isabelle. Though, she has a slight Spanish accent, but I am pretty confident that she can hide it. Emurade Toubia, I think will make a great Isabelle.

Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis

Same with Emurade, I haven't seen anything Alberto was in. He seems really funny though. He can also be serious, which he will need to play Simon. According to the videos on YouTube, he grew up in New York so, I think that is really cool. He's a New Yorker and he plays a New Yorker/mundane/rat/vampire/mundane again/shadowhunter! Wow, I'm out of breath. Wait, let me rephrase that, handcrap! Anyways, he seems great for the role of Simon and that is a really important duty.

Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood

Sadly I haven't seen any of Matt's movies either. I have to say, though, he seems like the best person for Alec. I have seen his bow and arrow sessions and he is good. (And I mean really good!) His hair is black, but hopefully he will wear blue contacts because his eyes are brown. He is great for Alec in my opinion and a cannot wait to see him as our lovable yet sometimes annoying, and once and a while really funny, Alec.

Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane

Magnus!!! If you have seen Harry in the outfit and the makeup, with the yellow cat eyes too, you can probably agree that his costume is the best. Sorry Kat and Matt, Harry wins. Like Magnus! He has humor and plus Harry has a dance background. I hope that is in the show! He was also in Glee! I believe he will play an exceptional either 400, 700, or 800 year old Magnus Bane!

Isiah Mutsafa as Luke Garroway/Lucian Graymark

The Old Spice guy as we know Isiah best. I used to be obsessed with those commercials. I would freak whenever they came on TV! I mean the ones where he saya "I'm on a horse!" He is awesome! Even though in Shadowhunters, Luke is a detective for some reason, (my theory is so he can track down Valentine), Isiah has the character to play our Shadowhunter/werewolf, Luke.

Allan Van Sprang as Valentine

I am kind of dissapointed that Allan is bald and won't have white hair, but I think it will be okay. I hope he is as charasmatic and evil as Valentine. He has a large presence and can make people pay attention to him, like Valentine! After all, he is my favorite villian after Sebastian and Voldemort. I have hopes and dreams for Valentine in this show. Allan seems like he will be a great evil Valentine Morgenstern.

I know that there are many other people in the cast, but that is all I have. I don't know about you guys, but I really want the 3 cats in the show. The movie had no cats and Simon wasn't a rat, which I pray happens. I will die if Yossarian, Church, and CHAIRMAN MEOW!!!! aren't in Shadowhunters. Anyways, 6 more day!!! So excited!!!! Here are the Promo Trailer and the first seven minutes!

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