• EllieTMIlover


    January 6, 2016 by EllieTMIlover

    Hi everyone! This is my first blog post for the Shadowhunter Wiki! I also did one in the Psych Wiki. Anyways, I want to talk (or type) about the upcoming TV show Shadowhunters. I am sorry if other people have done the same thing, I don't know if they have or not. I want to talk about my opinion of it and the promo trailer! It comes out on January 12th and it airs ar 9 on ABC Family. Once I found out about the show and the cast, I couldn't stop talking about it! I mean, the movie was a let down to me, so I hope this meets my expectations. I truly am excited and hope that it it like the book, but not exactly. I mean, how boring would that be?!  From what the first 7 minutes of the show has showed me, it looks like demons are harboring mundan…

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