This blog post is obviously about Sebastian Morgenstern.

Every since he appeared in the The Mortal Instruments series, even as Sebastian Verlac, I loved him! He is that dark, misunderstood and underrated character that always somehow manage to steal my heart.


You must understand that so far in the book series, I've only read until The City of Fallen Angel. Therefore, I still don't know how the character identifies himself. I've heard and read that he names himself Sebastian, using this to provoke or irritate his parents or whatever. But that's irrelevant for the moment, I think. At first, I've had trouble with his name. I never knew what exactly to call him. Sebastian or Jonathan. He was first presented to us as Sebastian, therefore the name kind of stuck for me. However, when it was revealed that his actual name was actually Jonathan, it messed me up. Should I call him by his name of birth or the name of the person he pretended to be? But then Isabelle said something really important that kind of got to me.

"Jonathan is Jace's name. I won't call that monster by the same name my brother has," said Isabelle tightly. "He's always going to be Sebastian to me."

City of Fallen Angel p.226

And then Clary added something pretty accurate too.

Clary had to admit Isabelle had a point. She had a hard time thinking of him as Jonathan too. She supposed it wasn't fair to the true Sebastian, but non of them had really known him. It was easier to slap a stranger's name onto Valentine's vicious son than call him something that made him feel closer to her family, closer to her life.

City of Fallen Angel p.226

Now I don't think that it's a matter of Jace or the real Sebastian really. Although I do strongly associate the name Jonathan to Jace.  Therefore, I decided to settle on the name of Sesbastian for that character. It suits him better. When I imagine Sebastian, it's his face that comes to mind, while Jonathan is Jace.


I can't wait to see Sesbastian appear on screen. To see real life Sebastian. The tv show Shadowhunters probably haven't cast a Sebastian yet; he probably won't make an appearance this season.

A fan cast that I really like is Lucky Blue Smith as Sebastian Morgenstern. 

Lucky Blue is gorgeous with his platinum blond hair and his high cheekbones. He is tall, standing at 6'2 feet, and has a slender/muscular type of body. Beside the colour of his eyes, Lucky Blue Smith is how I would have pictured Sebastian.

However, there's a problem. Lucky Blue Smith is awfully young. Now some might argue that Alberto Resende (Simon), who is 23 years old, and Katherine Mcnamara (Clary), 20, are and look young too. But the thing is that Lucky Blue Smith is 17 years old! And he is supposed to play Clary and Jace's older brother? Impossible and unrealistic. Which is quite a disappointment...

I've also seen a lot of Sebastian edits that used Conor McLain. He is actually not a bad idea as well.

He's got platinum blond hair and extremely define cheekbones (like are they even real??). He's got baby blue eyes as well, but that's only a small detail... He's in his 20s which is a plus.

What's really special about Conor is that he's a big fan of the books. How awesome is that? He is interested in playing Sebastian in Shadowhunters and is constantly sharing edits of him as Sebastian on instagram. 

As much as Lucky Blue is my ultimate choice, I must admit that I wouldn't be that dissapointed if we got someone like Conor playing Sebastian.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for this blog post. Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions about this character in the comment section!

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