• Arctictigers


    This blog post is obviously about Sebastian Morgenstern.

    Every since he appeared in the The Mortal Instruments series, even as Sebastian Verlac, I loved him! He is that dark, misunderstood and underrated character that always somehow manage to steal my heart.


    You must understand that so far in the book series, I've only read until The City of Fallen Angel. Therefore, I still don't know how the character identifies himself. I've heard and read that he names himself Sebastian, using this to provoke or irritate his parents or whatever. But that's irrelevant for the moment, I think. At first, I've had trouble with his name. I never knew what exactly to call him. Sebastian or Jonathan. He was first presented to us as Sebasti…

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  • Arctictigers


    March 12, 2016 by Arctictigers

    I haven't found a way to delete this blog post yet...

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