The Unseelie King is the king of the faeries of the Unseelie Court.


The King has around fifty sons with many different women.[1] A widespread belief was that, because he has no use for daughters, he had any female offspring killed.[2] Sometime around the 1990s, the Unseelie King had a romantic encounter with a water faerie. The tryst resulted in Kieran,[3] whom he traded to the Wild Hunt while the boy was still young, apparently due to Court politics.[1]

Physical description

The Unseelie King has a tall and lean build. He has two large, white horns curling from either side of his temples. He also has a deep pallor, with skin even whiter then Kieran's, and black hair. He wears a gold band on his head.

The contrast of the sides of his face make it seem like it is divided down the middle. The right side is the face of a handsome young man—clean and uncannily beautiful—while the left is heavily disfigured, with tight, gray skin and several scars, as well as an empty eye socket.[2]