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The unnamed father of Tobias and William Herondale was a Shadowhunter who was friends with Felix Blackthorn.[1]


This Herondale had two sons, William and Tobias, in the early 1800s. He was a hard man, according to Catarina Loss. He taught his young children the Law and told them to obey it without question.[2]

When his sons were very young, Tobias and William's father came to the aid of Felix Blackthorn, a friend of his, to present a united front during his interrogation by Inquisitor Dearborn regarding the location of Felix's daughter, Annabel. Aware of what had befallen Annabel, Tobias's father suggested to Dearborn that maintaining the illusion that Annabel had become an Iron Sister would be beneficial to Shadowhunters, as it would keep Malcolm Fade loyal to them, convincing the Inquisitor to cease the investigation and cover up the mystery. The memory of this was later stored on an aletheia crystal, which was hidden outside the Cornwall Institute and found in 2012 by Kit Herondale and Tiberius Blackthorn.[3]


He was a hard and stern man. Despite his fierce obedience of the Law, he held little regard for justice if it benefited Shadowhunters—or perhaps his comrades—as a whole, shown in his willingness to cover up the murder of Annabel even though it was a major crime among the Nephilim. He also had no qualms about manipulating and using Malcolm Fade to the Clave's advantage.

Physical description

He had dark hair and an aristocratic look.[3]