The Secret Treasons is the planned graphic novel telling the story of Valentine Morgenstern and Jocelyn Fray's generation of Shadowhunters—of the early days of the Circle. The project is currently, indefinitely, on hold.[1][2]


In 2014, the project, while in its early planning stages, was put on hold until the completion of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy to first be able to properly establish canon and continuity for the Shadowhunter Academy and parts of the Circle's history.[3][4] It kept getting pushed back for other projects until 2015, until it was finally announced that it was put on hold and might only be released after The Mortal Instruments graphic novel.[4][1][2]

It would have been co-written by Cassandra Clare and John Ney Rieber, illustrated by Cassandra Jean, and possibly published by Yen Press.[5] Plans also may have been to release it in two volumes,[6] though no official announcement and confirmation about it was made.


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