Maybe it doesn't sound that harmful, but it never stops there. Zara clearly doesn't care if Downworlders live or die—once she knows where they all are, once they have to report to her, the Cohort has power over them.

Kit's opinion on the Registry, Lord of Shadows

The Registry is a law being proposed and advocated by the Cohort that involves the registration of all Downworlders.


The Registry involves registering all Downworlders, starting with warlocks. Each Downworlder would be required to give their information to the Clave and be tracked.

As a result of the Dark War and subsequently the Cold Peace, many of the Shadowhunters who already hold a deep mistrust of Downworlders and feel the Laws regarding them should be stricter felt braver to voice their opinions and eventually convened to form the Cohort. Its main architect, Horace Dearborn, intended to have the Law pushed by gaining a high position in the Clave.[1]