The Queen of Air and Darkness

Cassandra Clare

Release Date Fall 2018[1]
Publisher Margaret K.McElderry Books
The Dark Artifices
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Preceded by
Lord of Shadows
Followed by
The Wicked Powers
Release order
Released after
Lord of Shadows
Released before
The Red Scrolls of Magic (TEC)

The Queen of Air and Darkness is the upcoming third and final book of the The Dark Artifices trilogy.

Known information

  • Simon, Isabelle,[2][3] Jem, and Tessa will appear in this installment.[4]
  • The time jump between Lord of Shadows and this book may be about a week.[5]
  • This book will tackle how, after LoS, "grief changes people in ways that are sad, transforming, deepening, even positive; how death doesn't have to be a pointless waste — how you can honor someone's memory in a way that changes the world," in addition to the "funny parts," "happy romantic parts and friendship fuzzies and squee parts, because life is a mosaic of feelings and because loss doesn't mean you'll never laugh again, and you may value those good moments even more than you would have before."[6]
  • Why Clary and Jace's runes worked in Faerie will be explained.[7]
  • The weapon that Clary and Jace are looking for in Faerie will be identified.[8]
  • It will be explored how the Rosales family became close with faeries.[9]
  • What the "Dark Artifices" are will be told.[10]



For more, either go to the page of the series or check the unidentified snippets page.

Teaser #1

Mark knocked, and a harried-looking Simon Lewis opened the door.

Teaser #2

"I can't do this." Helen tried to keep her voice steady, but it was nearly impossible. She hoped the strain would be covered by the sound of the waves crashing below them, but Aline knew her too well. She could sense when Helen was upset, even when she was trying hard not to show it.

"Baby." Aline moved closer, wrapping her arms around Helen, brushing her lips softly with her own. "You can. You can do anything."

Helen relaxed into her wife’s arms. When she’d first met Aline she’d thought the other girl was taller than she was, but she’d realized later it was the way Aline held herself, arrow-straight. The Consul, her mother, held herself the same way, and with the same pride — not that either of them was arrogant, but the word seemed a shade closer to what Helen imagined than simple confidence. She remembered the first love note Aline had ever written her. The curves of your lips rewrite history. The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. Later, she’d found out it was an Oscar Wilde quote, and had said to Aline, smiling, You’ve got a lot of nerve.

Aline had looked back at her steadily. "I know. I do."

They both had, always, and it had stood them in good stead. But this —

"This is different," Helen said. "They don't want me here –"

"They do want you here."

"They barely know me," Helen said. "That's worse."

Teaser #3

Fear prickled up and down Emma’s arms like goosebumps. Since she was twelve, she had been terrified of the ocean: she had always believed her parents had died in it, dragged below the surface by Raziel knew what, choked to death on bitter seawater. The surge and crash of waves, the imagined black velvet of the ocean’s depths, had filled her nightmares.

Even when she found out her parents had been murdered on dry land by Malcolm Fade, their bodies thrown into the sea after death, the fear remained. She reached for it now, welcomed it in. She could feel it filling the empty spaces, the hollows left by grief.

She glanced back down at the sea. The surging whirlpool below, the waves slamming like dark blue walls against sheer needles of stone, looked like a painting of a maelstrom, a photograph of a hellscape taken from a safe distance.

The wind screamed in Emma’s ears like a warning. Another wave hurled itself against the cliffs, sending up an explosion of spray. Emma smiled grimly into the wind and salt, and jumped.

Teaser #4

Kit glanced around, wondering if the growing number of people was bothering Ty. He hated crowds. Magnus and Alec were standing with their kids near the Consul; they were with a beautiful black-haired girl with eyebrows just like Alec’s and a boy—well, he was probably in his twenties—with untidy brown hair. The boy gave Kit a considering look that seemed to say you look familiar. Several people had done the same. Kit guessed it was because he looked like Jace, if Jace had suffered a sudden and unexpected height, muscle and overall hotness reduction.


  • The title is a reference to the poem Her Strong Enchantments Failing by A.E. Houseman.[11] It can also refer to Mab, Queen of the Faeries in Romeo and Juliet, amongst other folklore.[12]
  • As with Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows and its eponymous characters, there will also be a character called "The Queen of Air and Darkness", who has already been introduced.[13][14]
  • The cover, like the previous Dark Artifices installments, will also feature a character underwater.[15] The cover character will most likely be a girl, and Mark Blackthorn will be on the spine of the book, marking the first instance the cover and spine characters will differ.[16]
  • The book was initially slated for release in 2019, after Chain of Gold,[17] but in September 2017, it was announced that the release order of the two novels was switched.[1]
    • The publication date will be announced this November.[1]


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