On this page will be a list of the extras, cut scenes, short stories, and other bonus features or special content within the series, released with or for installments of The Mortal Instruments or by Cassandra Clare herself.

City of Bones

  • Original prologue: CC: "This was the original prologue for City of Bones. I had wanted to tell some of the story from Jace's point of view, but once I got further into the book I realized it would be better if we mainly saw him from Clary's perspective. It made him more mysterious and a mysterious character is always fun."
  • Magnus' Vow: A story that takes place during City of Bones from Magnus' viewpoint. The hardbound, first editions of Clockwork Angel came with this.
  • When Midnight Comes: Jace's point of view of the night he took Clary to the Institute's rooftop greenhouse for her birthday, and of his first kiss with Clary. This was also later released with special editions of some installments.
  • Not for Humans: A short piece Cassie and Holly Black wrote for John Green's Project for Awesome a few years ago. It's a crossover between Holly's Modern Faerie Tale series and Shadowhunter Chronicles. Kaye, Roiben, Corny and Luis are all from Holly's books. This is set before the beginning of City of Bones and tells the story of previously mentioned by Jace about eating faerie food and running naked down Fifth/Madison Avenue with antlers on his head. This was released with Son of the Dawn in 2018.
  • Awake (snippet only): The scene where Jace and Clary meet for the first time at the Pandemonium club, written from Jace's viewpoint, released in the special, hardcover edition of the City of Bones US repackage from Barnes and Noble.

City of Ashes

  • Kissed: The story of Malec's first kiss, and how Alec asked Magnus out on a date.
  • Faerie courts information: Original version of text in City of Ashes that got cut out by the editor.
  • Because It Is Bitter: The scene that takes place during pages 170-174 in City of Ashes (Chapter 8: "The Seelie Court"), from Jace's point of view. According to Cassie, the title is because Jace is bitter in the story.
  • Chapter 14: CC's note: "This scene was in the ARC for Ashes but was later deleted. It's a good scene for Isabelle, I think, but wasn't really necessary to the story. It begins at exactly the top of page 288 in the hardback US edition of City of Ashes."

City of Glass

  • A Dark Transformation / Becoming Sebastian: An outtake from City of Glass. A short story about how Jonathan Morgenstern took over the identity of Sebastian Verlac. This is available from Walmart's special edition of City of Lost Souls.
  • A Sudden Departure: The original first chapter of City of Glass, with a commentary by Cassie on what was changed and why she changed it. Check the link above for the footnote commentary.
  • Simon's alternate arrival in Alicante: CC's Note: "In the original version of the story, Simon wound up in Idris as a result of Jace's trickery and not as an accident. I decided I didn't like that—it made Jace too manipulative and Clary too forgiving of his bad behavior—so I altered it; this is, however, the original first scene in which Simon wakes up in Alicante and meets Sebastian and Aline. Bonus: inclusion of Simon's mysterious last name. From Chapter 2, "The Demon Towers of Alicante"."
  • Jace kisses Alec: The original version of a scene in City of Glass; in this version, Jace actually kisses Alec to make a point. Removed because it was too funny for Cassie and everyone she'd first shared it with.
  • Ragnor Fell's cottage scene: The original version of the scene that begins on page 160 in City of Glass (in Chapter 7), when Clary and Sebastian went to Ragnor Fell's cottage. Cassie cut it for pacing reasons.
  • Extended manor scene: The original, longer, and more detailed version of the Clace "manor house" scene in Chapter 9 of City of Glass. The version that made it in the books is a toned down version of the book, also edited for pacing reasons.
  • Manor scene in Jace's POV
  • Jocelyn's story: This is the story of Jocelyn's early life, as told to Clary, originally written as part of City of Glass but was shortened and altered. This excerpt is considered non-canon.
  • Valentine and Luke's farewell: An outtake from the original draft of City of Glass, in the scene after Jace was brought back to life per Clary's wish, before an epilogue was added to the book.
  • Jace's letter to Clary (original wiki copy here, new here): The letter written to Clary by Jace in City of Glass, later included in special edition copies of City of Fallen Angels.


source: Cassandra Clare's site & Cassie's livejournal
CC's note: So this is the short story told on the backs of postcards between Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, Jace, Clary and Simon that I brought on tour with me. Now that my USA tour is over I can share it online. It takes place between CoG and COFA while Magnus and Alec are in Europe and doesn't spoil anything.
A story told in postcards – between City of Glass and Fallen Angels.

City of Fallen Angels

City of Lost Souls

City of Heavenly Fire


source: City of Heavenly Fire; shared online by Cassandra Clare on Tumblr
This comes with the paperback UK edition of City of Heavenly Fire. This was drawn by Cassandra Jean.

Portal to LA

source: City of Heavenly Fire; shared online by Cassandra Clare on Tumblr
This is a deleted scene that was drawn into a mini-comic by Cassandra Jean and came with the special edition of City of Heavenly Fire from Target.


  • DSES director's cut: Original, longer version of DSES (Dirty Sexy Edom Scene) from City of Heavenly Fire, which was edited down for length and less details.
  • Chapter 23: A bit of Sebastian's death scene that didn't make it in the final cut of the book.

New York map

A map of New York, with certain locations featured in the series marked and illustrated on the map. It was released with the repackaged editions of all the series installments.
TMI New York map