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Cristina Rosales: "It is unusual for a revolution to call for fewer rights for its people, not more."
Zara Dearborn: "People. What people?"
―views of a member and a non-member, Lord of Shadows snippet

The Cohort is a group of Shadowhunters made up of Clave members who believe that Downworlder rights should be restricted.

The Cohort is pushing, through campaigns and demonstrations, to have all warlocks and werewolves registered and have number IDs,[1] and even to have internment camps for werewolves. The faction was formed in the advent of the Cold Peace. A man named Dearborn in particular apparently recommended the Registry,[2] which then became one of the primary causes of the company.[3][1]


  • They will be introduced in Lord of Shadows. They will come down hard on the main characters, specifically the half-faerie Mark, and their relationships with Downworlders.[3]


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