The Armory is a building in Alicante used as a storehouse, museum, and research center for the wide array of weapons for the Clave.


The Armory is an imposing stone stronghold located on the eastern side of Alicante. It serves the same function for Alicante as the weapons room does for an Institute. The Clave an authorize the use of its stocked weapons in case of conflict within Idris or any emergency that requires immediate support from Shadowhunters in Idris. The rare dagger aegis is available for requisition in the Armory.

The south wing showcases various antiquated and legendary weapons no longer in use; those who are not Clave members are restricted to this part of the armory.

The Armory is typically the only place where Iron Sisters can be found in Idris. They are protected from any form of attacks in the Armory's vast, labyrinthine basement levels, where they make repairs and work on new weapons. One passage in the basement levels, specifically on its lowest floor, leads to the Adamant Citadel.[1]


The Armory was built in the early 1800s in a medieval style, resembling a fortress due to its high walls and turrets, though its appearance is not laid out like a fortress. While built to give the appearance of being able to withstand artillery fire, the building does not function as a fortress and cannot withstand such bombardment, hence the reason that the Iron Sisters perform their duties in the basement levels.[1]

In 2007, Max Lightwood was brought and given a tour around the Armory, where he was shown some of the places where weapons and seraph blades are made.[2]

In December that year, weapons were taken from the Armory to provide arms for Shadowhunters Portaling to the Adamant Citadel to defend it against Sebastian Morgenstern's forces.[3]