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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Valentine Morgenstern
Portrayed by Alan Van Sprang
TMI102 Valentine01
Biographical Information
Status: Alive



The Circle

Known relatives:
Parabatai: Luke Garroway (former)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color:


I want you to wake up your mother. I know that you'll both join me eventually. It's fated.

–Valentine to Clary, Morning Star

Valentine Morgenstern is a powerful Shadowhunter and the leader of the Circle.


Early life

Valentine is the husband of Jocelyn Fairchild. Under his leadership, he and his friends formed the Circle. Though some of his friends and followers were not initially aware, his ultimate goal was the eradication of demons and Downworlders alike from the world. In his desperation to overpower Downworlders, Valentine began to experiment with Downworlder and demon blood. He injected himself with both, while he injected his first unborn child with demon blood as well while still in Jocelyn's womb. When the child was born, they named him Jonathan Christopher.

Eventually, Jocelyn grew tired of trying to help Valentine and his growing hunger for power. She and Luke plotted together, and, to halt Valentine's plans, Jocelyn took the stolen Mortal Cup and went into hiding.

Valentine then faked his and Jonathan's deaths, setting their home on fire with two bodies in their place. This let everyone believe that he'd perished then when, in fact, Valentine took on the identity of Michael Wayland and raised a young boy as Michael's son, telling him that he was Jonathan Christopher Wayland. Apparently, when his enemies began to close in,[1] Valentine once again faked his death as Michael—"dying" right in front of ten-year-old Jace's eyes.[2] He arranged to have him sent to the Lightwoods, knowing he would be cared for with them.[1]

Unbeknownst to him, Jocelyn had been pregnant and had given birth to their daughter, whom she named Clarissa and raised in the mundane world—in New York.

Hunt for the Cup

Valentine remained in hiding for almost two decades while continuing to amass his numbers and experiment on Downworlders. He and his men scoured the world for Jocelyn and the Cup. It was only that they found a lead when some of his followers saw Clary at a club in New York, and they recognized Jocelyn in her and found that she was alive. He ordered his men to bring Jocelyn back unharmed and with the Cup, but Jocelyn drank a potion that put her in a state of deep sleep, preventing him from extracting the location of the Cup from her, frustrating him. During this time, it became evident that Valentine still loved Jocelyn, in his own way. When he found out about Jocelyn's daughter, he told his men to bring her to him.

Valentine ordered his men to continue searching for the Cup, with their biggest lead being Clary,[3] and their spy within the Institute: former Circle member Hodge Starkweather.[4] Shortly after the Cup was finally retrieved by Clary and the Clave,[5] Valentine once again took on the form of Michael Wayland, as part of his plan to get the Cup and get close to Jace once more. As Michael, he reconnected with Jace; he told Jace that he'd been a prisoner held by Valentine since he seemingly died in front of him. He then offered to help them look for Jocelyn.

During a battle when they were surrounded by demons, Valentine tricked Clary into handing him the Cup. Once he had it in his hands, he cut his shape-shifting rune and revealed himself as Valentine to Clary and Jace. When Valentine tried to use the Cup to control the demons, Clary revealed that the Cup in his hands was fake and glamoured while the real one was still with her. He then told Jace that he was his father, and that he had been glamoured as Michael all along. After taunting Jace and Clary of being unable to kill him, he left through a Portal, leaving them with Jocelyn's still unconscious body and the Cup.[2]

Shadowhunter army

Hodge eventually made his move and stole the Cup for him,[4] in exchange for breaking his Punishment rune. Once he had the Cup, Valentine began letting his men drink from the Cup, making an army of the new breed of Shadowhunters. He was also able to blackmail Jace into joining him by threatening the lives of his friends.[6]

Not all of his first batch of followers survived drinking from the Cup, however, and their next move was gathering stronger men to turn.[7] At the same time, Valentine continued trying to get Jace to embrace his beliefs. He told Jace that he had demon blood in him and tried to convince him that, because of the demon blood, he had an inclination to kill and would always want his "sister" the way he can't have her.[1] When this continued to alienate Jace, he resorted to kidnapping Clary and brainwashing her through Dot's magic to force her to convince Jace of his role in his plans. This still failed, and eventually, both his children escaped. After they left the ship,[7] he and his men abandoned it.[8]

Personality and traits

Valentine is brilliant, cunning, and manipulative. His stoic, charming, and confident presence allows him control over his many followers. To seek out what he wants, Valentine executes anyone in his way, never thinking twice about it.[9]


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