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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Sister Magdalena
Portrayed by Farah Merani
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Biographical Information
Status: Deceased



Iron Sister


Adamant Citadel

Physical Description
Gender: Female

Sister Magdalena is an Iron Sister and a friend of Sister Cleophas.


Magdalena and Cleophas were ranked high enough among the Sisters that the pair were responsible for inspecting the swords forged by the other Iron Sisters.

After Valentine stole the Soul-Sword, the Citadel was put on lockdown, so when Isabelle Lightwood and Clary Fairchild arrived to inquire about the stolen Sword for the Clave, the Sisters were strict about their entry. Clary passed while her companion Isabelle failed the purity trial required to enter the Citadel. Once Cleophas escorted the former into the Citadel to be briefed about the sword, Magdalena discreetly told Isabelle that the yin fen in her body was what made her fail her test.

After the two left, Magdalena saw Cleophas attempting to leave. She tried to stop her, but when Magdalena didn't relent after Cleophas tried to send her away, she was stabbed and killed.[1][2]


Behind the scenes


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