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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Sister Cleophas
Portrayed by Lisa Berry
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Biographical Information
Full name:

Cleophas Graymark

Status: Alive





Iron Sister (former)


Adamant Citadel


The Circle

Known relatives:
Physical Description
Gender: Female
I thought his way was the only way to make the world a better place. A safer place.

–Cleophas about why she followed Valentine Morgenstern, How Are Thou Fallen

Sister Cleophas is one of Luke's sisters and is an Iron Sister, like their mother.


Cleophas lived in Idris with her siblings, Lucian and Amatis, while their mother lived at the Adamant Citadel as an Iron Sister.[1] At one point in her life, Cleophas joined the Circle. When her older brother, Luke, became a werewolf, Cleophas was disgusted and disowned him. After the Uprising and the believed death of their leader, Valentine Morgenstern, Cleophas decided to be an Iron Sister as her way to avoid a death sentence from the Clave.[2]

Fourteen years later, Sister Cleophas had become an esteemed member of the Iron Sisters' order who inspected and assessed the weapons made by the others.[1] Despite Cleo's long service, she remained a believer in Valentine's cause, and her desire to be with the Circle was renewed when she found out Valentine was alive.[2]

After Valentine stole the Soul-Sword, Isabelle Lightwood and Clary Fairchild were sent to the Citadel to inquire about the Sword and why Valentine would want it. When Clary passed the purity trial, Cleophas escorted her into the Citadel and told her the Soul-Sword's sinister purpose. Clary also confided in her about her newly created rune and her belief that her vision of the rune came from her late mother; when Clary asked her if it was possible that Jocelyn had become an angel, Cleophas told her that it wasn't.

Shortly after Clary and Isabelle left, Cleophas left the Citadel. Before she could, she was stopped by her friend and fellow Sister, Magdalena. Cleophas tried to turn her away, but when Magdalena tried to convince her to stay, Cleophas stabbed her. She took her stele and used it to ignite the Circle rune on her own neck before leaving.[1]

Shortly after, Cleophas met with Valentine, telling him that she was still loyal to him and giving details about the rune Clary created. When he was skeptical of her information, she promised to bring proof back to him. Cleo injured herself and went to the Jade Wolf, telling Luke and Clary that she had just escaped the Circle. Luke was distrustful of her, while Clary pretended to believe her as a ploy to learn Valentine's location. Clary went along with Cleophas, though Luke and Jace were secretly in pursuit.

On their way to Valentine, however, Cleo, through Clary and a Hearing rune, was able to hear Ithuriel's cries for help and realized that Ithuriel was on Earth and was communicating with Clary. She was horrified to learn that Valentine was holding the angel captive and decided to help Clary, Jace, and Luke get to Valentine. She and Luke confronted Valentine while Jace and Clary released Ithuriel. Valentine held Cleo hostage to stall Luke and escaped with her.[2]


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She is a fierce, formidable presence and a woman of strong principles and conviction.[3]

Behind the scenes


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