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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Simon Lewis
Portrayed by Alberto Rosende
TMI101 Simon01
Biographical Information
Age: 18
Status: Undead
  • Monkey (by Elaine)
  • The Mundane (by Alec)
  • It (by Alec)
  • My Little Caramel (by Camille)

New York


New York vampire clan (former)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
I'd do anything for you.

–Simon to Clary, Dead Man's Party

Simon Lewis is Clary Fray's long-time best friend. Simon is intelligent, and very handsome in a non-calculated kind of way. He's the first to find humor in any situation. His loyalty and feelings for Clary are tested as he fights alongside her on an epic journey.


Early life

Simon is the only son of his single mother Elaine and is the brother of Rebecca. At a young age, he met Clary and they have been in each other's lives since. Best friends and inseparable, Simon eventually developed feelings for her but never got around to telling her about it.[1]

Being the only son in their family, Simon obliged his mother's desire for him to become a CPA so, despite wanting to pursue a career in music, Simon went to college and majored in accounting.[2] Nonetheless, Simon continued to spend his free time performing in a two-man band along with his friend, Maureen.

Shadow World

After Clary went missing on the night of her 18th birthday, Simon frantically looked for her. It was only two days after when he was finally able to track her down to an abandoned church with the "Find My Friends" app. He was surprised to find her with a strange tattooed man who was initially invisible to him—Simon's first real exposure to the Shadow World. Simon tried to get Clary away from him,[1] but she refused, much to his dismay.

Clary insisted on bringing Simon along with her. With this, the man named Jace took him into the Institute and guided him with a rune to see past the glamour. Simon was then introduced to Isabelle Lightwood who kept him distracted while Jace took Clary to Hodge.

When Clary needed to go to the Silent City, where Simon could not enter, Isabelle volunteered to stay with him outside and look after him. When the pair decided to return to his van to listen to his music, Isabelle heard noise and left him to investigate. Shortly after, Simon was kidnapped by a vampire from inside his own van and was held hostage, with Raphael telling his friends that Simon would be returned in exchange for the Mortal Cup.[2]

During his captivity at the Hotel Dumort, Simon was kept company by the leader of the vampires, Camille Belcourt. During their time together, Simon was put under her encanto charms in her attempts to coax the location of the Mortal Cup out of him. She eventually fed on him and even offered him blood to drink. Clary and the others soon came to get him out.[3]

In the days following his rescue, Simon felt strange and antsy. He feared that he was Turning into a vampire himself—a common side effect of having a taste of blood. One evening, he returned to the hotel, only to be scared off by Raphael.[4] He returned some time after. This time, Camille let him in and assured him that he wasn't Turning into a vampire—at least, he wouldn't have if he stayed away, before she proceeded to feed on him and kill him.[5]

Raphael found him as a fledgling—half-dead and in the state of transition waiting to either be killed or buried. Raphael gave him over to Clary and the others at the Institute, letting her decide what to do: stake and kill him, or help him Turn. Clary ultimately decided to bring him back as a vampire.[6]

Skills and abilities

  • Heightened senses: After his Turning, his vision improved and he no longer needed glasses. He can also smell blood from a distance.
  • Superhuman strength: Simon became physically stronger as a vampire. His stamina, agility, and movement also improved.
  • Superhuman speed: Simon can run at speeds comparable to Shadowhunters. His reflexes are similarly heightened.
  • Encanto: Simon has the vampire ability to mesmerize or hypnotize mundanes, and even animals.
  • Immortality: As a vampire, Simon is immortal. However, this does not make him invincible; he is in fact prone to death by sunlight and fire, among others.


Season One appearances: 13/13
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TBA 2x20:
May be featured


  • Simon is Jewish.

  • He is portrayed by Alberto Rosende on Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.
  • Differences from the novel:
    • Simon is around two years older than his book counterpart and, instead of being a high school student, is already in college.
    • Simon is friends with Maureen and their band is made up of just the two of them.
    • Simon's sire on the show is Camille, while it was Raphael in the books.


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